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A dilapidated huts outside, parked ornate carriage of silk, and several were destroyed knife black knight standing near a large crowd of men and women packed with villagers, all of them face with color excitement, and whispered in twos and threes talk something.

“Really is the gold, the gold Fengcheng home?”

“Wrong, look at these personal gold embroidered logo, in addition to the gold Fengcheng, Kaiyuan entire prefectural can not have a second home.”

“Gee, I did not expect ah! Shiting had left his wife two people, a decade to go no news, originally thought had died in the field, did not expect to actually climbed the gold, stone, Custom NFL Jerseys and also sent back to pick up. Unfortunately stone animal husbandry and mother had died many years, otherwise the mother and son, the future may have to enjoy endless wealth and status. ”

“Splendor! This can not necessarily do, heard the gold just come to say it, say shiting already is the gold Guye, and if the mother is not dead stone, Custom NFL Jerseys, did not dare to send someone to pick shiting stone animal husbandry past . ”

“Anyway, stone, Cheap NFL Jerseys can be proudly, and yesterday was an orphan, today became the young master.”


“My father was seriously ill in bed, I have a sister?” Stone stared at the Wholesale NFL Jerseys Pathetic old man, slowly asked.

But young XIV him because perennial sea breeze reason, black and red skin slightly, but thick eyebrows, tall, higher than the average age of people half a head to small, worn inside the shirt, barely raised a block Jingzhuang muscles, giving a full of wild species rebellious feeling.

“Yes, sir, this disease is very powerful, it may not hold later, so her husband came to pick people send Laonu stone past master, master one last good visibility.” Pathetic old man replied with a smile.

“Madame? Since his mother abandoned for so many years, why now again recognize my son go back, I will not go home with your gold.” Juvenile overcast face, he said without hesitation.

“Oh! I’m afraid Master stone classic misunderstanding, in fact, master these years there has been no reason to return to the village, in fact, there are difficulties, as long as the young master and master personally see previous see all the misunderstandings can Woon vanish.” Old man light cough cry, and said.

“Well, even if you say hype, you can not change the man abandoned her things Needless to say more.” Juvenile Lengheng soon.

Pathetic old man heard here, finally frowned, then carefully looked after two teenagers, was determined to be similar, he said:

When “Master the past few years, the town purchased the herb is not unexpected cheaper? In addition, the county seat of Lee martial arts coach, teach master fist, it costs more than the other disciples not low! Also, stone Master the fish hit the sea, it is not to the town was robbed clean, few people go to the bargain. ”

“You mean, these things are arranged that person?” Young face changed, not asked.

“Is not master personally arranged, I do not know, but these are indeed his wife personally commanded to do.” Pathetic old man smile replied.

Teenage heard here, looking volatile, hesitated.

“Yes, Master stone was not in the body of the Alchemy quench it, it seems definitely want to become a true fighter. Mrs. Laonu come before, also had been told as long as Master was willing to meet Mr. Bennet, she would find a way to stone Master Wu Kaiyuan get a chance to enter the hospital, but when is not really accepted, but also their ability to master the stone. “Pathetic old man gave in to the maximum rely on this trip.

“Kaiyuan military hospital?” The teenager some moving.

“Since it is a martial arts master who wanted to be very clear that the national military hospital four or five years to recruit outside time, to participate in the admission test of the two conditions must be fifteen years old or less complete quenching body Dacheng, while gas comprehend people feeling. after all, only those who will be able to comprehend the sense of air out of practice infuriating, meridians, thus becoming a true fighter. but if you want to understand the sense of gas, the gas must be taken to guide a panacea, its high price, the gold even if every home only cobble together about ten. If the master stone by ourselves, then, can not do so in this life I am afraid of. “Pathetic old man calmly continued.

Juvenile silent again, after a long while coldly:

“Three days later, the time to give you reply.”

“Well, then sit around and wait three days Laonu the good news.” Pathetic Seeing the old man, you know the juvenile mind has been set, and no longer continue to persuade it, a slight bend of leave immediately.


“A steward, so we really go back. Better to take the direct use of forcing people it wants, why more time-consuming.” In a pedestrian square surrounded carriage not far away from the small fishing village, a burly knight, forbearance He could not asked.

“What nonsense, though not the gold master stone direct descendant young master, but it is master of own flesh and blood. This time we came, just on safely bring back to the people, must not show any neglect contempt. Otherwise, with his wife and between master feelings, aware of this, we absolutely can not account for the past. “Pathetic old man listened, his face suddenly sank, scolded.

“Yes, a small brain got confused.” Burly knight up some fear.

At this point, the road next to the figure suddenly flashed, and a similarly dressed in black knight flash out, punch the old man bowed behind, busy, he said:

“Into the affairs, the brothers found in the vicinity of five classic Biao’s brother, you want to see how to deal with?”

“Well, it seems that there have not given up five original master plan, Biao brothers were beginning the day after tomorrow, only I can deal with. You guys wait here, you lead the way, I have personally come across, they will be solved . “after Pathetic old man frowned, he said flatly.


This knight stature of a move, the road always immediately turned and ran.

Pathetic old man was “whoosh” sound, straight from the horse falling down, followed by the name of a knight rushing away, its stature very buoyant, as if the slightest weight actually no, soon disappeared in the woods not far from .

Burly Knight et remaining few people, it is still surrounded by horse-drawn carriage, honestly remain in place.


In the evening, a fishing village on an unnamed mound inside and outside of the pale moonlight, stone, Wholesale NFL Jerseys Supply alone kneeling in front of a slightly raised mound on the grave of a pale yellow stone, above screamed “Wang Shimen veil “and several black characters.

“Mother, you never expect it, lord father is not even dead, but on the outside they married wives married into, but do not worry, I had promised things would be done. Your father had to leave, is becoming Warrior pursue the dream as an excuse, that Wholesale Jerseys from china and children will certainly become a true Warrior, or is it the world’s most powerful Warrior, so you can rest in peace in heaven! ”

Juvenile muttered a few words in the grave, stood up, hands and feet after the next event, actually playing boxing to the grave.

In the “flap” sound as the bones, youth movements gradually from slow to fast, stature, such as tigers, a Zhanchagongfu later, I saw it rolling round shadow boxing, near the soil layer of yellow dust clouds are blowing, juvenile stature completely submerged inside.


A figure rushed out from a morning mist, punch severely hit on a nearby sized thick trees.

“Boom” a loud noise, while shaking the tree, many branches and leaves falling down, the trunk more than a half inch deep impressively punches print.

Stone, animal husbandry, staring boxing trunks printed on the brow of a challenge.

This he learned from boxing is the only set of boxing martial arts town, is a large Qi most widely circulated quenching body martial arts.

According to martial arts coach to say, he can stay on the trunk so deep traces should now have a seven-quenching body, quenching from the real body can be the culmination of rumors in the air a sense of understanding, there was only the last two only.

And this time he spent a full four years!

You know, poor and rich Wu Wen saying, absolutely not without reason.

Since he decided to start up martial arts, martial arts light of thirty taels admission fee, it saved a full five or six months old, and it cost him to pay more or pleading, much lower than the other disciples reason.

The cost repeatedly dipping start after quenching body, leaving his fishing harvest all these years into it, and made himself often not nothing, the family is penniless.

Even so, stone, animal husbandry, to be able to practice such a high level quenching body, martial arts has let everyone by surprise, and several more amazed endless coach, thought his Gengu good, the martial arts is a natural material.

After all this time, although he will continually ask martial arts pharmacist formulated stew pulp washing the body, but the money in the town and what can I really get the spirit of grass, mostly some common herbs, body quenching effect is minimal.

Stone, animal husbandry thought of this, my heart sighed.

He was very clear that he Gengu very common, has been able to reach in just a few years now quenching body level, but two years ago caused another big opportunity.

The reason why he did not immediately agree Pathetic old man prior to the gold, which is also a reason for this.

Juvenile thought here, looked at the sky Taishou moonlight, he turned and raced down the hill.

Fifteen minutes later, the stone animal husbandry appeared in the sea somewhere reef overgrown, “plop” sound, jumped into the sea directly, arms paddling, body twist, actually seems like a big fish potential to go fast down silent.

Soon afterwards, people came to the depths of the sea thirty-four Shiyu Zhang.

Amazing scene appeared.

Originally beneath dark water, and he began to faint little white, and more and more, more and more bright, Surely the nearby sea of ​​brightly lit.

Stone, animal husbandry, which, not surprisingly, still breath stopped, then quickly draw down the hands and feet after a few meters, after a body suddenly spills, suddenly stepped on the feet in the sand, to a white sand seabed at around .

At this time in order to see clearly, emitting a faint white seabed four weeks something shocking than a dozen palm-sized shell, surrounded by a huge reef Qiba Zhang high, flickered convulsively stop flashing.

New England patriots Jerseys receiver Edelman did not travel to the road

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Due to a stress fracture in his left foot since November 15, has been sidelined for the New England Patriots took Julian Edelman did not travel with the team to Miami for the game against the Miami Dolphins.
The Patriot went to South Florida on Thursday, two days earlier than usual. Their Friday afternoon in the local started training in their training before the start soon, Edelman was found to appear at Gillette stadium for training.
Edelman was injured in the 61 ball team ranked first. 9 wins and 0 losses in his appearance 3 wins and 3 losses in his absence in 6 games.
The Patriots set off in advance for their home to host the NHL Winter Classic. In addition to Edelman, the reporters did not find starting linebacker East Tower – Haitawa, starting offensive tackle winger Sebastian – wall, four horn guard Justin Coleman, start defending front end Rob – ninkovic and number three linebacker Jonathan – Phryne have attended the training of patriot.
In the next game if you win, Patriot can ensure AP No. 1 seed and in the playoffs have home court advantage.

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“…… If a friend and I work together to maintain it, to improve the situation of many up monk.” Jin Jackson said many words of persuasion, not feel dignified look down.

After listening to the Han Li, the face does not feel a bit of awe, but their eyes flickered, and slowly shook his head:

“Although the Han as a member up monk, also know up monk’s situation. But this is not the case you and I can change the one or two. Even in the next to join the Council, will not have much use, but most will fall into a number of disputes. And from the Han into the cultivation of the road, to go on the road to generate long xian. Although the body has been advanced, but the distance is still not in sight is soaring really Xian, no longer distracted him on.”

“Friends are ascetic scholar. I admire! Since you have otherwise ambition, and determination, I will not persuade what. Friends this time came to the far city, be something important. I need help on one or two?” Jin Jackson see Han Lizhen’s idea has been set, a sigh of relief, but also not to mention the invitation.

“Thank you for the kindness of zen. Han this time to the city, but the procurement of materials, in addition to the people asked to deal with some small things.” Han Li with his hands and a arch, polite way back.

“Oh, So that is what it is. But what if there is a way to help, although I can find. In this city far, I myself can help one or two.” King is the master nodded.

Han Li listened, natural mouth praise unceasingly.

The following time, Han Li and the king of the king no longer talk about what the trivial, but the exchange of some practice experience.

This thing is good relationship fit monk, almost after the meeting will do.

After all, for them to this realm, is hardly the limit of monk whole life can reach. As for the rumors of the Mahayana and robbing friars, and that is expected to be the very thing.

Small ethnic groups, the whole family did not know that there can be so one or two.

So without any person to give directions, fit the monk can only rely on the exchange with others to solve the difficulties in practice.

The gold is more fit in the middle. Jackson, from late into the realm but also only the goal. The practice experience, far from the fit in the early years of Qi long than the old

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Han Li City Square, is close to noon, wait a moment, and the pollution into a house of Xuan Ji beard Tahan.
The gate has been delivered to the people of Lingshi, received a shadow to the house of.
These people, not the monks of God above.
Han Lilian looked at one or three exquisite virtual monks, but also entered the.
He thought, too, he threw a bottle full of Lingshi’s ordinary guard.
In a door in the Korean guards, sweeping away, nodded, gave a piece of jade, step by step, also said:
“Go in, go to the left.”!”
Han Li Wenyan slightly confused.
The party entered the channel, he was shocked to find, finally came straight, in fact, is about change, and from the middle fork of the 2 paths, respectively, leading to the dark side.
If the last went to the grand temple, here is not the same place!
That seems to have been banned.
However, the guards have already had some. Han Li naturally did not hesitate to go directly to the left of the road,.
After a moment, there is no body gradually become dark, eventually disappear traces were found.
After the meal, Han Li has been living in a separate house from blackstone.
House only Zhang Xu size, there are three sides of the wall, a large open, and the house in addition to a jade table, a bamboo chair, a table and a red fog on the plate, it is no longer his.
This stone, dense, staggered distribution in low altitude for Baizhang, the original is a piece of stone.
The great hall was one thousand cubits wide, like a thousand feet of stone.
Looming shimmered pale blue Rune Stone surface, each separated by long distances, like hanging in the low altitude of a mysterious green lantern.
Han Li sat on the stone, with his eyes looking at the distance of the ground, overlooking the auction platform of the big surprise.
When he came into the hall, the man was in the entrance of a strange legal array, and he had already tried, flying stones not only can float in the air, but also can block the concept of God, plus wearing a shade cover, enough to guarantee the auction’s secret.
To see the auction master knows that many monks can lead to disaster. In the heart of fear, which guarantees the auctioneer’s secret, it takes a lot of thought.
Han Li backed chair, closed his eyes at a moment of rest, a number of monks walked into the auditorium, all of the stone houses seem to have been 7788.
Han Li has opened his eyes again, a touch of breath.
Who can enter the auction house, or, at least, than the God monk, is not to say that this small auction, it is easy to bring nearly one thousand monks.
If this is in the human world, it is a thing that can’t be done.
But it is because of the different reasons that live in the city, if three other people understand the city boundary, unless it is the three main city, or something that is not wanted.