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What do you want I were on! “This sentence say Ming hall suddenly quiet down, all eyes are uniform to invest in Yangling.

God is like a heaven, you said: “I want to give you one wish,” the emperor had this ability of the Golden Touch. He can let a person under the people above you, can make you great wealth carefree life, you can make the United States concubine wife numerous, all the earth, as long as you want to have, he can meet you.

Gu Dayong to Yangling responded with envy, and my heart slightly sour, he could not help thinking: “If you give me the emperor allowed Well, what I want?”

He wanted too much, this brings to mind the idea, but instead Zhengzhu: “What I want everything the wealth and status, a eunuch can not knighted, but also what you want??” Gu Dayong a loss.

Tang and several fairy princess also heard Zhengde under the impulse Well Xu, Tang Xian just a slight sun, laughed language. She knew that her brother spleen own name, go with the flow, contentment, and very consciously, the emperor is the emperor that grace so willing mind, he is not somewhat spoiled the excessive demands. ”

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After Princess yong and ge hesitated and suddenly wake up to reality over: “huang opportunity to speak these words, it is to him Qiuqin ah, breath the two of us are seeking marriage under, would not mind the up!? ”

Princess Yong Chun also excited little face flushed, her fists can not help but hold up: “talking about talking about fast sister said to marry this fool, if we do not say, it’s a super big wooden club!!!!”

Maid eunuchs looked envy also looked at Yangling, their dream can not imagine the day when the emperor issued Well this commitment to them:? “If I were Granville national companies, what I want to power, has been under a person, people above; status bit has been extremely ministers, Jazz to national companies.

If you want to be amnesty, to Dan iron coupon book! This has been their own life for nothing, Peerage possessions to be handed down, there are red iron coupon book in hand, you can pray for peace for future generations! ”

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Although the emperor issued under the amnesty does not have a cash, it is because there are meritorious amnesty killed by his own 7788, and if there any hero hoon Qing exceedingly habitat can live to die from him, iron coupon book that Dan gave fathers under the future emperor offspring is certainly not afraid to admit its effectiveness. Correct! If national companies smart enough, it is necessary Dan iron coupon book!